Thursday, 5 May 2011

Script "The Promise"

Genre: Horror
Title: The Promise
Script: By Amarnath
A psychologically disturbed woman wants divorce because her husband doesn’t satisfy her sexually. She was addicted to sex. She wants more and more sex. She likes variety in her life. She is stubborn. She had already attempted suicide thrice. She appears innocent. She is tricky. She is smart and sharp especially in tough times i.e. she has ready made answers for every question. She uses young men for satisfying her at different levels. She loves her parents. She doesn’t care whatever happens to the young men who kept trust in her. The story takes a turning point when the audience learns how she manages different men at different levels promising each of them that she marries them after the divorce and how she eliminates all of them without the knowledge of the other so mysteriously. She uses them against one another and finally gets divorce and marries a rich man. But a shadow follows her when she learns that a young man who was intelligent and who loved her truly, she thought had eliminated is still alive. When she comes out of the shower room she was shocked to hell by seeing the young man sitting in the sofa. The audience learns that the suicides she attempted were fake and were well planned. She does every thing to satisfy herself and her parents. She could do anything for becoming popular or social status and money. Many psychological factors involved keep the audience at the end of the seat. She even tries to offer herself to the psychologist who was trying to help her. Her husband’s comments on her body play a great role in her self-image. She looks for identity and appreciation. The husband looks very decent and a very hard working guy for the family. Before the young man came to her he had found his way to her husband and caught hold of her information. Her husband gives him her address.    The young man asks her “so your mission is complete! Ah? What mission? You got married to this business man! She says that she had no option in her life and that she hoped he was alive. She and the young man mange to eliminate the business man and she manages to get his property. The young man and the woman after their marriage relax at a Mexico resort. The story comes to an end. So what next says the man to woman?  Nothing, I want to introduce you to a special person. The audience wonder want is going to happen next and who that special person is. To his surprise and astonishment he is being introduced to her first husband. The audience wonders why the woman and her ex-husband had no worries on their face. So guess what pact they made to each other? The Promise!!!

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