Friday, 6 May 2011

Script "The Faces"

Genre: Horror and Psychological Flick
Title: The Faces
Script: Amar

The Faces is a horror movie about a 3 years old girl who learns making faces from her father. Jessica’s Mother Helen falls in love with her father John who is a funny and a jovial guy. He loves watching Mr. Been’s series. He was fascinated by various faces that Mr.Bean could make. He wants to make her daughter happy by teaching her how to make faces. She learns making faces from her father who used to print Mr.Bean’s faces. John even had photographs of Mr.Bean in Jessica’s room. Apart from making faces Jessica also learns a particular way of body language that makes people laugh, a monkey way of body language. So far so good.  One night Helen got sacred when she saw her daughter Jessica standing against the wall in a corner of her room in the dark with a funny face and funny body language. She tells her daughter never to do that again and that it was not funny.

Jessica wonders how dolls make faces too. One day her father and Jessica want to surprise Helen so they stand in the dark with funny faces and monkey way of body language which makes the audience get scared to the core. The events which follow make the audience realize how scary making faces could be.

At the School annual day celebrations Jessica performs making faces which make the children and the audience laugh the hell except one boy. Larry’s Mother Patricia noticed he was the only one who did not react to Jessica’s faces. All those who laughed started dying mysteriously. All those who die make faces. Head Master saw Jessica making faces next to his bed. He laughs aloud and realizes that it was just a dream. Helen asks John to stop this funny face making game. Helen sees William, a psychologist about her daughter. William finds no wrong with Jessica but notices she looks mysterious. The extraordinary performances by Jessica and John make people sit at the edge of their seats.    

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