Thursday, 12 May 2011

More story line on "The Promise"

Some gang tries to kill him but depp hand no idea whatsoever the reason and people behind the attempt. He escapes the attempt. The unsolved puzzles keep him alert to what is happening around him. The young and intelligent depp realizes the crimes that the woman had committed so far and he comes across various little facts and clues that showed the way to her crimes. Though he suspected something peculiar about her behavior at the beginning, he didn’t pay much attention so now he is devastated and shocked by this discovery. Depp is deeply disturbed, had many sleepless nights, he drinks. Criminal thoughts surround his mind. Depp never shows a grain of pain or doubt while he is with the woman; he knows the animal in her. At one stage he wants to eliminate the woman but he loves her. His friend and psychologist try to help him.  

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