Friday, 6 May 2011

Script "The Blind" (welcome to the darkness)

Genre: Horror
Title: The Blind (Abstract) (subtitle: Welcome to the Darkness)
Script: Amar

The Blind or Abstract is about the horror and psychological suffering that was going through in the life of a blind girl Agnes in a little village. She can feel things. She touches abstract and scariest images around her. The Psychologist comes across a diary that contained abstract images and drawings by Agnes. The director shows how difficult it is when you can’t see things, especially the horrible things. What protects her in most tensed moments? A Catholic Priest giving in a sermon in the Church “Our real light is our heart” and Christ is our Sacred Heart”, “He is the light for our Path”. We fear the darkness then what frightens the blind when their world is already dark?  When 3 young men tried to abuse Agnes what saves her? The skin of her face becomes like plastic, her hair becomes longer and a spirit enters her.  Suddenly she wakes up from sleep and finds herself in the woods.         

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